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1:1 and Group Technical Support to Families, Schools, Colleges & Communities

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SEP was founded by W. Calvin Anderson, M.Ed


 (Region 6).

Technical Support


We provide reading, civics, STEM, personal learning, arts,  school improvement and community development. Subject-area specialists and project-coordinators available add 50 years of experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Solve Today's Problems


Keep students ready-to-learn and motivated. Challenge our American students with world-class applied learning opportunities and real relationships with decisionmakers, senior citizens, leaders and progressive student peers. 

The Priceless Parents Children's Book

Platform Positive Family Discussions and Cross-Aged Tutorials

The Priceless Parents Poem

We also have The Priceless Parents. Com and Home School Lifestyle Magazine on Wordpress. Com

SEP Digital Democracy USA

We also have Digital Democracy USA. Com

SEP STEEM MagAzine Interview with Super Mom

We also have STEEMMagazine.Com  & STEM STUDENT Response. Com

SEP Early College StEM STudent Growth plan Presentation in Atlanta, Georgia

We also have videos for our SEP TV

Dr. Imani Maat Interview - SEP TV - Job Shadow Talk Show

One of the strategic ways to empower young people and students is to showcase the mindsets, programs and work of significant teachers and leaders. 

Dr. Imani Maat - Continued

We look forward to arranging opportunities for young scholar-practitioners to meet DR. Imani Maat in 2019. 

College Student Readiness for Job Shadowing and Life 2019

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